You know how we tend to believe that if our parents have high blood pressure or diabetes or heart disease or some other kind of what is considered inherited genetic disorder that we are going to end up with it?

You are recognising that there is some expression of your genes that is getting in your way of being open to the whole experience of being a healthy and well. This can cause suffering, pain and brings about huge concerns for your health and survival.

This is because we have been taught that inherited diseases are passed on from generation to generation, and that we have NO control over our biology. In 5% of the cases this is true, but in 95% of the cases we can have positive expression of our genes.

The fact is you do have control over your biology.
Full stop.

Charan Surdhar, GeneOMHi, my name is Charan Surdhar, I am a geneticist turned epigeneticist. I empower people just like YOU to let go of being a victim to your DNA and instead to ignite the power that is waiting to be tapped into in your DNA so that you can express the Health, Vitality and Well-Being that exists within you.

This Occurs in 3 Phases:

How is that possible, you ask?

Everything is Energy. The body, is all energy down to your organs, and DNA. It is a self harmonising and self regulating miracle. When there are physical issues, the body is regulating itself through energetic "filters" that are either our own, or inherited from our parents and ancestors. When these "filters" are identified and released the body can then begin to self regulate itself from the innate power that exists within you. That is when you open up to Express the Power in Your DNA.

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Charan Surdhar, GeneOM

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